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Helping Lost and Struggling People Find Their Path


At Standing in Faith – Restoration and Re-entry, we define social justice as an ongoing process to which we are committed. This commitment challenges each of us to participate with each other in our community; to design and continually seek initiatives to strengthen our mission and the community we serve as a place where diversity, inclusion, equity and social development are part of our everyday lives.


Standing in Faith – Restoration and Re-entry’s policy includes the measures they are actively required to mitigate the spread of coronavirus. The employees and volunteers have been requested to follow all the COVID rules diligently and to maintain a healthy and safe work environment. All employees and volunteers are required to wear a mask while working.


Returning to your community after you have been released from your Military duties, released from a prison or just returning from any homeless state is a difficult transition that can feel overwhelming. However, you don’t have to go through it alone.

Standing In Faith - Restoration & Re-entry is a non-profit organization in Houston, Texas that offers community restoration and re-entry services. These services include: assistance with Job Search, Housing, Life Skills Training, Food needs, ID assistance, Social Security Appointments, Veteran Services Appointments and  transportation to various appointments where needed.

Our Vision

  • Restoration of Jobs
  • Restoration of Families
  • Restoration of Communities

Which Lead To:

• Restoration of State

•  Restoration of Nation

It is our endeavor to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills that will help them to be successful in society.

Our Mission

To assist individuals with transitioning back to society by being a resource for food, clothing, transitional living, transportation, life skills training, etc.

Meet Our Founders

Pastor Michael and Dr. Barbara Nelson are the dream team of Standing In Faith - Restoration & Re-entry. The couple gives praises and glory to God for their partnership!

They are passionate about community outreach and individuals reaching their goal to be successful citizens. 

Lastly, Pastor Michael and Dr. Barbara Nelson are active volunteers for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Prisons and continuously ministers to inmates far and near. Dr. Barbara upholds the motto that “having a felony will not necessarily prevent you from getting a job, but lying about the felony definitely will!”

Congratulations Standing In Faith - Restoration & Re-entry

Standing In Faith - Restoration & Re-entry of Houston, Texas was presented the Service award during the Governor's 2017 Criminal Justice Volunteer Service Award Ceremony on April 6, 2017. Accepting the award were Dr. Barbara Nelson and Pastor Michael Nelson.

The award was presented by Texas Board of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) Chairman Dale Wainwright and TDCJ Executive Director Bryan Collier during a ceremony held in Austin, Texas.

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